Custom Solutions


Utilising a wide range of knowledge and experience, Laplacian can help solve those 'impossible' customer problems. Solutions utilize a mixture of proprietary and third party software tools . Laplacian works closely with its customers to facilitate advanced research and development.

Complex analytical problems, including :

  • Electromagnetics
  • Mechanical
  • Thermal
  • Control systems

are solved either analytically, or utilising software such as

  • Vector Fields finite-element software
  • Excel often with proprietary add-ons and DLLs
  • Mathematica for symbolic work
  • High level languages (VB, C#, Fortran 95)

and, where appropriate an advanced library of bespoke and proprietary software tools


Mathematica helps find the magnetic field from a current loop.

This trivial text book example gives a glimpse of the possibilities opened up by symbolic software


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